Welcome to CUiD!

Here at CUiD, we organise speaker events, panel discussions and open debates to stimulate dialogue between students, academics and development professionals, encouraging everyone to form their own opinions on matters of international development. We also have a termly magazine, Vision, which provides a platform on which students can explore issues that interest them and voice their views on international development. We see it as essential to be as inclusive as possible, so we don't charge our members any fees - we rely on the generosity of sponsors to fund all of our activities.

Please explore our website to find out about upcoming events, read the latest edition of Vision, or join our mailing lists to start receiving our regular updates.


Meet the 2017/18 Committee!

President - Annabel Mahgerefteh


The President's role is to lead and motivate the committee in order to ensure the society runs smoothly and effectively. He/She makes strategic decisions on how to move the society forward as well as managing problems that arise.


Hi, my name is Annabel Mahgerefteh and I'm the President of CUiD. I'm also a third year undergraduate studying Human, Social and Political Sciences. Despite my lack of experience in on-field development, my passion for international development is based on its underlying principle of helping communities move out of poverty and become self-sufficient in a dignified and independent way. Through our various events and Vision publications, CUiD hopes to explore such issues and positively connect students with similar interests in development.

General Secretary - Khuzaimah Saeed


The General Secretary's role is to collaborate with the various members of the committee and the President, doing all the admin (from room-bookings to catering invoices) necessary to keep the society going. For most practical purposes the General Secretary and the President have an equal share in managing the society, as they make decisions together.


Hey, my name's Khuzaimah and I am a 4th year Engineer. Although I haven't had the opportunity to study about development in a formal capacity during my degree, I'm passionate about this exciting and very interesting field. I had the opportunity to gain some experience doing development work in Kenya this summer and absolutely loved it. I hope to keep amassing development experience over the next few years and transition to the sector permanently at some point. CUiD is one of the best ways of learning about the diverse field and I would highly recommend getting involved.

Treasurer - Charly Pressdee


The Treasurer maintains the society accounts and balance sheets through budgeting and monitoring expenditure of the society funds. They are also tasked with finding sponsors and ways of raising money for the society.


I am a second year undergraduate studying economics at St John's. I believe that improving the living standards of those in developing countries is the most important economic issue facing the world today. I would like to pursue a career in economic policy that delivers development which is both effective and sustainable. For two years I was head of The Chicken Project, an international charity, which worked to encourage entrepreneurship in South Africa and Cameroon. Programmes implemented by The Chicken Project included establishing chicken businesses in secondary schools and running microfinance schemes for women.

Publicity Officer - Ines Tan


The role of the Publicity Officer is to publicise upcoming events as well as send out the weekly bulletin of events and opportunities in Cambridge related to international development. 


Hi! I'm Ines, I study History at Catz and I'm now in my second year. I became interested in international development through my initial involvement in the local area. I realised that I needed to expand my awareness of what was going on in the wider world, especially when the same issues I was working against were just as prevalent in a global context. Today I think that every person can really have a global impact, I believe that CUiD's work in raising awareness and facilitating discussion is fundamental to the process - it's through learning and understanding that we can all begin to make a difference.

Webmaster - William Green


The role of the Webmaster is to regularly update the website with upcoming events, news of past events, Vision magazine and term cards.


Hi, my name's Will and I'm a first year undergraduate studying Geography at St John's. Seeing the interconnection between physical environment and function of society, I'm interested in looking at how such geographical obstacles could be overcome within poverty reduction methods. Having carried out charity fundraising for community projects in Kenya, Zanzibar and Ethiopia, I believe that the benefits of small-scale aid projects should be utilised more, reducing poverty and creating self-sufficiency within communities. By being part of CUiD, I'm hoping to develop this interest in addition to furthering my understanding of international development as a whole.

Events Manager - Nomisha Kurian


The Events Manager is to coordinate the activities of the events team. (S)he plans the overall structure of events each term, assigns committee members events, tracks progress with organising individual events and ensures CUiD runs a well-balanced term card.


I am doing an MPhil in Education, Globalisation and International Development and prior to this, studied Education as an undergraduate. I am passionate about development because of its ability to better the lives of the poorest and most marginalised whose stories and voices often go unheard. I am particularly interested in the transformative role of education in redressing inequality, so I have interned with educational charities in India that work with rural populations.


Events Officers - Jasmina O'Shaughnessy, Elly Walters and Rose Jump


The role of the Events Officers is to arrange the speaker events for each term. This involves contacting speakers, deciding on topics, arranging the logistics and ensuring the smooth running of each event.


Hi, I'm Jasmina and I'm an HSPS (Politics and Sociology) finalist at Robinson College. I am interested in how grassroots international development projects can encourage community-led sustainable development instead of imposing values from above which are not always suited to the local context. I was able to experience first-hand the workings of a small-scale NGO during an internship in Uganda this summer.


Hi! I'm Elly and I'm studying MML (French, Spanish and Catalan) at Magdalene. I am interested in the social and political facets of international development, particularly with regards to the ways in which we can ensure that every human being has access to their fundamental human rights. Working to alleviate poverty and encourage fairer treatment for refugees, migrants and people in developing countries across the globe is something I believe demands dialogue and debate within the university in order to realise tangible and positive change in the years to come.


Hi, I'm Rose and I study Geography. I am interested in international development because not everyone in the world has the same opportunities in life, and it is important to try to understand why this is so, to prevent this injustice persisting.



Vision Co-Editors - Yomna El-Serafy and Isobel Houston


The Vision Co-Editors organise the creation of two editions of Vision magazine (one in Michaelmas; one in Lent term). Their role is to contact academics and experts to contribute to the magazine as well as encourage student submissions. They also edit and organise printing of the magazine.


Hi! I'm Yomna, co-editor for Vision. I'm in my final year of HSPS, focusing on Politics and International Relations. I'm interested in how people around the world can work together to affect positive change - and the challenges that come alongside that. I've had the pleasure of experiencing the world of international development through working as a Research and Programme Development Officer with the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development in Jordan; an Impact Evaluator for Cambridge Development Initiative's Entrepreneurship project in Tanzania; and a Volunteer Coordinator for Resala, Egypt's largest non-profit organisation. Through Vision, I hope to bring questions of international development to you, so we can have an open discussion about what works and what doesn't, how we can each play our part, and what needs to change.


My name is Issy, I'm the co-editor of CUiD's magazine 'Vision' and I'm a third year studying English at Queens' college. The creativity involved in innovating sustainable solutions to the seemingly intractable human problems attracts me to the field of International development. I find hearing about different projects and social enterprises so interesting. As I pursue a career in public policy I believe a lot can be learnt by impact driven work that goes on in development.


Vision Sub-Editors - Olivia Crabtree, Sara Kachwalla and Lucia Keijer-Palau


The process of compiling Vision is a LOT of work. The job of the sub-editors is essential to ease the strain somewhat by helping with all the editing work that needs doing. Of course they also provide valuable input into what Vision should look like and what should be its contents. 


Hi, I'm Olivia and I study Politics and International Relations, and my main area of interest within this is women, peace and security studies. I am interested in development because it has the potential to be such a force for good, but necessarily requires that we check our motivations and the execution of development work thoroughly. I am particularly interested in the gendered effects of development and how it can empower women politically, economically and socially. I have previously done an internship with WaterAid, where I completed a report on policy effects in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) sector of development. Getting involved in Vision has been my way of expressing my interest in international development and getting involved in my capacity as a student.


Hi! My name is Sara and I study Land Economy at Homerton. I joined CUiD because of my interest in the issues and debates surrounding international development and policy. Growing up in developing countries across the globe made me aware of the stark differences in access to opportunity and economic prosperity at a very young age. Determined to tackle some of these issues, I volunteered with organisations in Kenya, India and the UAE in order to better understand them at a grass root level. I am incredibly excited to explore these issues through CUiD and I can't wait to see what 2018 brings!


Hi, I'm Lucia and I am in my third year studying History at Emmanuel College. I focus in particular on development and economic policy in comparative international perspective and world history. I have a particular interest in Latin America, where my family is from. As President of Cambridge Women in Business, I've also been working on building links between the two societies.

Artistic Director - Daniel Gayne


The role of the Artistic Director is to design each edition of Vision, including layout, images, fonts and colour schemes. They also design publicity material for events as well as designing and printing the term cards for Michaelmas and Lent terms.


Hi, I'm Daniel and I'm an Editorial Designer. I'm also a 3rd year Politics student at Emmanuel College. Designing the CUiD magazine, Vision, has brought me into a field which I knew little about before through a range of fascinating articles from individuals with in-field experience of development. Where before I was a novice, CUiD has really opened my eyes to the numerous ways we can contribute to development.