Meet the 2017/18 Committee!

President - Annabel Mahgerefteh

The President's role is to lead and motivate the committee in order to ensure the society runs smoothly and effectively. He/She makes strategic decisions on how to move the society forward as well as managing problems that arise.



General Secretary - Khuzaimah Saeed

The General Secretary's role is to collaborate with the various members of the committee and the President, doing all the admin (from room-bookings to catering invoices!) necessary to keep the society going. For most practical purposes the General Secretary and the president have an equal share in managing the society, as they make decisions together.



Treasurer - Charly Pressdee

The Treasurer maintains the society accounts and balance sheets through budgeting and monitoring expenditure of the society funds. They are also tasked with finding sponsors and ways of raising money for the society.



Publicity Officer - Ines Tan 

The role of the Publicity Officer is to publicise upcoming events as well as send out the weekly bulletin of events and opportunities in Cambridge related to international development. 



Webmaster - William Green

The role of the Webmaster is to regularly update the website with upcoming events, news of past events, Vision magazine and term cards.



Events Manager - Nomisha Kurian

The Events Manager is to coordinate the activities of the events team. (S)he plans the overall structure of events each term, assigns committee members events, tracks progress with organising individual events and ensures CUiD runs a well-balanced term card.


Events Officers - Jasmina O'Shaughnessy, Elly Walters and Rose Jump

The role of the Events Officers is to arrange the speaker events for each term. This involves contacting speakers, deciding on topics, arranging the logistics and ensuring the smooth running of each event.


Vision Co-Editors - Yomna El-Serafy and Isobel Houston

The Vision Co-Editors organise the creation of two editions of Vision magazine (one in Michaelmas; one in Lent term). Their role is to contact academics and experts to contribute to the magazine as well as encourage student submissions. They also edit and organise printing of the magazine.



Vision Sub-Editors - Olivia Crabtree, Lucia Keijer-Palau and Sara Kachwalla

The process of compiling Vision is a LOT of work. The job of the Sub-Editors, for example, is essential to ease the strain somewhat by helping with all the editing work that needs doing. Of course they also provide valuable input into what Vision should look like and what should be its contents.



Artistic Director - Daniel Gayne

The role of the Artistic Director is to design each edition of Vision, including layout, images, fonts and colour schemes. They also design publicity material for events as well as designing and printing the term cards for Michaelmas and Lent terms.